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121 Ultima Semi Automatic Espresso/Cappucino Machine
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121 Ultima Semi Automatic Espresso/Cappucino Machine



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Capresso "Ultima" eliminates all the inconvienent and sometimes difficult steps of conventional espresso machines: no more complications with filling, cleaning and rinsing baskets, tamping and hot filter holders. Just fill in pre-ground coffee to your liking (7 to 15 grams), pull the coffee lever down and turn the pump on. Within seconds the Capresso "Ultima" brews any size cup from one espresso to two six ounce cups of coffee always with wonderful crema on top. The double coffee spout even adjusts to accommodate different size cups.


Automatic accurate tamping.

1200 Watt ThermoCoil System

Frother with Latte setting lets you steam or froth.

Brews any size espresso or coffee between 1-1/2 oz. to 12 oz.

Automatic clearing of brewing chamber.

Product Details:
Product Weight: 11.0 pounds
Package Length: 16.5 inches
Package Width: 13.8 inches
Package Height: 13.4 inches
Package Weight: 10.85 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 14 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 14 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

56 of 59 found the following review helpful:

4I have been using the Ultima for over 4 years......Oct 15, 2008
By BernieBear "BerniePiel"
I enjoyed the taste of lattes having lived in San Francisco for many years and found myself in withdrawal when I had to return to St. Louis rather unexpectedly. I purchased the Capresso Ultima about the end of 2002 or early 2003 and was and have been fairly satisfied with this product from the get go. Here are a few things I've found in having brewed well in excess of a 1000+ cups and probably 75+ or more pounds of coffee in this machine:
1. Your coffee selection is key. If you like the Starbucks or Peet's or Border's latte taste, purchase a good dark roast.
2. Buy a burr grinder so you can get the right grind, not too fine and certainly not course. I use the DeLonghi. One word of caution, after using the finest turkish grind on my burr grinder for several cups, one day I discovered the coffe would not flow no matter how long I left the pump on. By the way, don't do this because your excess coffee simply flows into the overflow tray and gets wasted. To fix the problem I called the factory in New Jersey (I think) and was told to just return the central unit--nothing else. For $65, my charges, they sent back a new unit even though I had almost 2 years of use on it. It was returned within about 10 days. Excellent customer service.
3. If you like milky, thick foam then stick with 1 or 2 percent to get the best froth which you cannot get with whole milk or soy or rice milk for that matter.
4. DO NOT OVERHEAT THE MILK!!! This breaks down the fat molecules within the milk making it impossible to build a good froth.
5. Use a small colletor to gather the espresso and not the cup you used to steam the milk. I use this to collect the espresso and then pour it into the steamed milk. After a few cups you will quickly determine how much coffee to brew. Also, if you want an absolute great surprise, make a cappacino and let the machine brew the "crema" that seems to be the rage in espresso circles. The Ultima does an excellent job making crema.
For those who don't know, it's the tasty lighter coffee that is brewed at the end of the brewing cycle and has a wonderful milky-coffee taste.
6. The coffee is always HOT, HOT, HOT so please be careful when initially drinking it.
7. The hot water heater works wonders for the likes of hot chocolate mix.
8. I should add about the frother that you will experience a lot of steamiing water which probably shouldn't be there and disappears if you let the steamer run for a few minutes--do this in a separate container and dump the water, the steam will follow. Also the frothing wand is a two stage affair that generally heats the milk at first and then after a slight adjustment on the wand will produce a thick froth. Also, I move the cup with the milk around the wand to get good even heat to the milk.
9 From a cold start, to finished cup takes about 3 minutes--the heating element works extremely fast.
10. Always use distilled water not tap. This will result in a calcium deposit which will destroy the unit. If you drink a lot of this coffee, I'd recommend buying your own countertop water distiller.
11. All in all, I could not be more happy with this machine. My son who lives in Brooklyn uses a much more expensive model, over $1,000, and it produces a great cup of espresso---the Capresso Ultima does the same at almost one-fourth the price.
12. It is because of the water wastege that I gave this unit a four star rating.
13. To ensure consistent coffee taste, do take off the top, very easy procedure, and then rinse it under the faucet. The black, grounds container on the bottom tray should be emptied and rinsed daily after
each use.
14. If and when the time comes to replace, I'll go right back to the same unit--Love it, love it.
15. Finally, the plastic water container holds near perfect amounts of water to make approximately 7 cups of coffee.

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Capresso Ultima - Semi Automatic BeautyJan 14, 2008
By Andy Cherk H. Lau
This machine is a wonderful kitchen appliance. It is so easy to use and the result is always consistent. The pressure steam process is the best way to make high quality coffee drinks at home without paying big dollars and standing in line at a coffee shop. Everyday, we make Coffee Americano (12 oz - 16 oz cup) at home one cup at a time. Each cup takes about a minute or less. The flavor and taste of each cup of coffee sure is a lot better than a cup of coffee from our old drip machine. Cleanup takes about few minutes. Every other few days or so, rinse the top carousel and few other removeable parts. We are very happy with this Capresso machine.

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5Great machine, better service from 1st in coffee.May 07, 2009
By Rolf Gruller "rolfg1"
I purchased this as a refurbished machine. When I set it up and used it a few times I found It to have a water leak. I e-mailed the vendor and he immediately sent out a replacement and arranged a UPS pickup for the defective unit. I contacted the vendor on a Monday, the old machine was picked up on Tuesday and the new machine arrived on Thursday. In other words, this vendor shipped a replacement before he had received my return. Wow!!! I couldn't ask for better service than that.
The replacement machine works perfectly, makes delicious espresso and is a great and easy to work with semi-automatic coffee maker. I replaced a standard style espresso machine with this and I could not be happier with my choice.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing at home espresso drinksDec 27, 2009
By S. A. Ryan "firefly"
Be sure to watch the 10 minute dvd about the machine as soon as you unpack it. Follow the start up directions and don't try to just "figure it out by winging it". The DVD is very helpful to understand the process of using this coffee/espresso maker and its parts. My two favorite parts are the disposal bin for the used grounds (no more filters!) and the frothing wand. The heat is fantastic with both the water output and the steam/frother. My only complaint is that while the espresso dispenser is adjustable to accommodate taller cups, it does not accommodate a travel mug size. So if my husband wants a full 16 ounce travel mug, he has to brew 2 8 oz small mugs then pour the coffee into his mug. The maximum amount of grounds you can brew are two scoops (the scoop is provided for you) which is two servings. If we have company, though, it is not a hassle to reload with two more scoops to brew more espresso and the frother is ready to use again in only 90 seconds. Essentially for the price, this machine produces a great cup of espresso and frothy milk or coffee which makes this a great multitasking machine that still fits (with clearance) under your cabinets. I am glad we got this instead of a tassimo or keurig. We don't have to worry about buying the pods or k-cups and all the plastic waste from the cups.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Great Espresso but a little messyMar 22, 2010
By Timothy Germann
This machine makes great espresso drinks. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is quite messy. I would have figured all of the extra steps of spinning the carousel and dumping grounds into an internal collection bin was meant to make it a simpler clean-up but all it does is create more of an opportunity to get coffee grounds all over the place (including inside the internal and moving components of the machine. That said, if you are willing to put up with the regular messy clean-up and a few extra brewing steps, it makes a really great brew: from espresso and cappuccino to coffee and even hot chocolate and tea. And allows you to be lazy by postponing the coffee ground disposal.

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